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You can pay securely with Visa, MasterCard, Debit or Padoca gift card. For security and fraud reasons, purchases made by credit card on our online store will only be accepted if the name and billing address match the name on the review credit card and the address indicated on the credit file. In the event of a duplicate, we reserve the right to verify the validity of the transaction with the cardholder and to cancel the order if necessary. All prices are in Canadian dollars.




Return Policy / Refund

You could quote (24) that they were subject to the exception or massive ordering of votes so that we could deal with a problem in the voting / club. All sales are final. We do not have refunds on all surgical products or products for which the reasons for return are: improper handling or improper storage. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the product, please write to




Order modification

If you wish to request changes to your order, you can send a courier to or contact customer service just 48 hours before placing your order. A confirmation mail will be sent to confirm the change.





All factory products in a kitchen containing: eggs, milk, wheat flour, tree nuts, peanuts.