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Padoca was founded by Gabrielle Casara Pellin, after her arrival in Montreal.

Gabrielle is Brazilian and arrived in Montreal in 2013 as a permanent resident. With experience in the restaurant business, she decided to open her own business after noticing that there were not a lot of Brazilian businesses in Montreal. Her family then moved to Canada and together they developed Padoca.

A family business - Padoca:

It is a family business and also at the same time, a family dream where the whole family got involved to ensure the success and realization of this great project.

The goal was to bring some of the taste and tradition of Brazil to Montreal.

After 5 years with a boutique in downtown Montreal, we invested in a commercial kitchen in Longueuil to be able to produce large quantities of frozen products. Such as our croquettes, our desserts and our small dishes. In 2020, they have decided to change the name Padoca Pâtisserie Brasilienne to Padoca Cuisine. Always the same company but with a vision not limited only to Brazilian flavors, but to everything related to good food and the best diet in general.

Our time line:

We started in 2013 and 2014

with the sale of individually packaged small desserts in various markets in Montreal.

In 2015,

we opened the first Padoca store, a Café in downtown Montreal, where sandwiches, desserts, croquettes, soups, etc were served; all homemade. We used our space to share Brazilian culture, through food, music and cultural events.

In 2019,

we opened our production kitchen and our second store in Longueuil. With this new large kitchen, our objective was to "move" more towards the frozen food market.

In 2020,

we closed our first store in Montreal to focus on the production of frozen products. Our shop in Longueuil is still open and specializes in the manufacture of croquettes and small frozen meals. We have now started to deliver directly to the customer.

Our goal for 2021-2022

is to have local ingredients from small farms in Quebec in our dishes, organic if possible. And also to work with foods that are not sold by the Producers, to reduce food waste.